Drove you a hundred miles
to set you in the sea
with the water you floated
to the east
to the north
the last of you I saw
scattered to the south.

Where did you go
in the blink of an eye
just yesterday you were here
those eyes that hair
now your face is gone
as if it was never there.
Oh that delightful laughter
the maddening wisdom
and the fights
who has it now?

Why does everyone speak of life
when death is the outcome
it’s always there…lurking
behind someone you love.

I wonder, dear mother
did it ever occur to you
that you’d be gone
and all of you packed in an earthen pot
there’d be two journeys
ashes to the sea
and your soul to the sky
some fond memories to remember you by…

All is well now
It’s just a flash from the past
death happens to life
as a new dawn
says goodbye to the night
I’ve peace now
and so do you
God’s indeed kind
He took us in
when no one would…