A morsel of food satiates
a million stars within
A dainty little flower perks on the sidewalk
so glorious, so merry
The light bathes day and night
blurring the darkness within, without
I am gratified. I am gratified.

A sip of water, raindrops splatter
Abundance flows, fishes fly
I drink with my eyes, behold
rejoice the vision, so aghast
I am gratified. I am gratified.

Rhythm of routine throbs,
my heart drums existence into play
The sun in my room blooms
multitude of silver, gold specks
Birds sing, it’s a new day
I am gratified.  I am gratified.

The silence of existence enraptures,
grace speaks loudest
Leaves rustle, the squirrel squeaks with delight
The voice of truth utters
Pictures of life unfold, with angels around
Hope springs, flowers flutter
I am gratified. I am gratified.

The eagle soars, clouds part
Soul flies and wanders
Joy beckons, dreams begin anew
To exist and love
Amidst the whole, my self seeks
Bliss in the yonder
I am gratified. I am gratified.