A few days back me and my sister were spending some funny time with our Bua in night as it is much awaited time of the day after a long day of attending online classes, as we share our funny moments in school and elsewhere on TV, my attention falls on the very famous serial based on the life of Our Lord Rama, The Ramayan, how we see it in lowdown and what we learnt from the life of Lord Rama. So, I internalised and thought that we can learn something from the Ramayan. While in particular, one incident that captures my attention is the one where Ravana captured Mother Sita, Vibhishana advised him to return Mother Sita but Ravana rejected his advice and kicked the Vibhishana out of the Palace, he felt humiliated and dejected for thinking his good and left the Kingdom.

Vibhishana was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and thought of helping his Lord in War. Therefore, he goes to Lord Rama and said that I will help you in every situation in battle. When Lord Rama was fighting with Ravana. He tried to kill him but he could not be killed. He also tried cutting all his ten head one by one but he couldn’t. Since, Ravana has a pot of nectar of immortality in his stomach and could be killed only by a peculiar Golden arrow. This secret was known to Vibhishana and with the intention to serve his Lord, he divulged all the secrets of Ravana and his army to the Lord Rama so as to secure the win of Lord Rama in great battle. Upon knowing the secret Lord Rama took the Golden arrow and shot the arrow on the stomach of the Ravana and his pot of immortality got broken and he died in the battlefield. Lord Rama accepted the service of Vibhishana and anointed him the lord of Lanka after Ravana’s death.

The moral of the story is that even Lord Rama took the help of Vibhishana to kill Ravana. This means, we all are interconnected and together we can make miracles, so we can do anything with the help of each other. So, a seed of kindness sprouted in my heart and I thought to myself that we should be helpful to each other.

And one more thing that I got to learn from the story that we should not open the secrets of our family with other people, this might harm the interest of family.

Here’s my takeaway from the incident, I hope you enjoyed it.

           🙏 JAI SRI HARI🙏

Keep smiling😊😊