Hopefully everyone of us uses a washroom as soon as we get up and just before sleeping ( depending on our gutt health, water,fiber intake and childhood habits aswell as digestive excretion system.) If we are among few lucky ones who have an attached washh room to our bedroom exclusively to ourselves life is 50% a bliss ,if constant warm water supply with good pressure then 70% a bliss and if no one knocks from outside while u r using it to ask where are keys or boiled aaloo then life can be almost floating as that of an enlightened realized being! I remember in child hood we had separate toilet( India style squatting)and bath room wich my parents ,me ,my grand father and sometimes guest shared with most patience! I never remember as a child any que as they show in movies or screaming or banging of doors while some one was in privacy of using the most needed place where u can uncondition yourself and be most yourself without any  layers to act a certain way! As a teenager we moved to a bigger accommodation and I shared my washroom with my Grand father.The rule still was being accommodating ,to use the washroom when he had gone for a morning walk or was having an evening siesta! There was no luxury of dressing up outside in a walk in wardrobe but we had to take towel,inner wear and formal clothes all in washroom and come dressed From there.Resources increased and I got married in a house which had an Indian and western washroom but only supply of stored water or water coming when we could get the motor switched onn by moody first floor occupants.  There was always a tussle of who used the washroom first after having a liter of warm water early morning and everyone wanted to use the Indian washroom! The pre office time was stressful with no constant water supply and singular preferred washroom use and different hygiene maintainance habits of different family members using same private space.We had kids and my  mom moved with me ,the amount of washrooms we had remained same ,what a tussel an irritation if even 1 of the members doesn’t want to be flexible! Times changed and now we are extremely comfortable to have personal washroom and room to each member ,the irritations,arguments and verbal wrestlings are much less though at times when we share our space due to some emergency like guest appearances the blaming starts again! Do u face / encountered such issues too?