With my Son now being 12 and due to exposure to internet we got to know of the movie Spiderrman no way home is releasing on 16th December across the world! It was September that we got to know this information and my son who like most Delhi kids has Last been to school 22 months back and visited no mall ,theater or restaurants in last 2 years of covid crisis took a promise that I show him the movie on first day only! How would I with no way to book tickets..I dint know but last 2 months he had been reminding me my commitment and promise! So I asked a friend to book our tickets through her credit card last week as soon as booking opened and we secretly paid her driver as none in our house was aware of our secret plan! They are too addicted to scary news of new carona variant to allow us to go to a movie hall! Yesterday we smartly wore red and blue hoody and jeans( twinning spider man both mother and son)  served every one and secretly sneaked from the house while some were busy in afternoon siesta ,some in online work and others too softly and secretly made aware of our plan! To avoid unnecessary calls ,explanations and being under zone of being caught I switched my mobile to Air plane mode  and avoided Fast tag lane to get notifications on husband/ father in law s phone to know our location of movie hall just to reach 10 minutes in advance of the movie! As our movie ticket was scanned since it was a forward on watts app conversation from my friend, we were in for an exciting shock which was panick or anxious for my son but mindful and exciting for his Super woman mom ! The hall which my freind had booked was also in Saket and the hall we reached was also in Saket mall ( we never clarified this with each other) , next was action..

.so all I asked my son was to keep breathing out, stop panicking and run at full speed .We were on second floor…car for in P 2 parking and the other hall was 1km and greatly jam packed road away! If we went to parking, took our car paid parking and then drove that much my racing@ 5 km per hour mind thought, it ll take 15 minutes instead let’s take escalator, move out ,running  fling to an auto, pay him on the way and reach the actual Cinnema hall! So we did and the auto driver too was Sooper smart to make us reach just at nick of time! We reached before the movie started ate popcorn, nachos ,pasta ,wore 3 d glasses and kept remembering Swamiji when Spiderman said with Great power comes great Responsibility!