Hail the wondrous readers, 

Hopefully everyone like my previous blog!

My new blog focuses on Decisions, how decisions are made. Sometimes it is hard for us to take decisions for our happiness and sometimes for others. From the past  few months I have been struggling with so many factors where I have to make decisions. There are plenty of people who have told you to do this or that even your parents with their past experiences and facts.

Eh! It’s easy to say for others, but when the ball is in your court and you have to decide, whether it’s for work, relationships, or your future. It’s always a challenge.

Let’s check few and simple points hope it’s help you to take decisions easily. 

1. Just Breathe
Take a deep breath and write down all of the advantages and disadvantages in a workbook. It really helps you a great deal, and you yourself know what is best for you. As no one know you better than you. 😜

2. Discuss
This is the most important point where you can discuss your thoughts with friends or family. While  discussing your views with them, you realize that you automatically come to the conclusion for which side of the topic you feel good about.  Always take help of your elders in every decision.
So, discuss discuss and discuss, if no one is there just sit in front of the mirror and discuss with yourself. 

3. Do not bother about others
Never ever take decision just for the sake of others. As nobody comes to you if your decision went wrong or for someone you make a decision, they always said that we never told you to do that. Then go ahead and do whatever you decide for your own happiness.

4. Take Responsibility
Whilst making a decision, you need to take full responsibility for your own decision.. You have to confident about your decision that you know it something that will surly goes in a right direction, it’s your decision and without any fear you just go for it with a big smile on your face😀

5. Confidence
Yes confidence is the key. Nobody’s perfect. We all fall down. What matter most is how quickly we get back up, learn from our mistakes and move on.