O Lord of Lords, Dear Almighty

surpassing the world, 

under the scorching heat of sarcasm

stepping over all boulders

I knocked unto your door

not for answers , or wisdom

a miracle is what I yearn

something that turns me around 

and you,


after years of pleading and unanswered prayers

there’s not even a drop of tear,

in the drought of dreams

fear reigns 

hope stands astray

the world out there throws at me 

an array of possibilities 

and shuns away all avenue of negativities

why then is my life shrouded and crowded 

with nothing but that.

I wish I was ignorant;

and did not know it was you 

who made promises 

and escaped,

camouflaging among the blue hues

I wish I could still believe 

in the power of your might,

the magical glance of your sight 

my head that once rest in peace on dark dreary nights

is now busy figuring 

when did you vanish out of sight

my numbness 

to your subtle presence 

asks nothing now,

eyes are not on a look out 

what an upheaval

the aftermath of this tornado 

they call bhakti 

it has left me bruised and gasping 

engulfing all of me 

leaving behind nothing but me


miracles, magic and mystical lands 

hope, dreams and happiness

it took it all 

the tornado of bhakti .. 

it wasn’t real though … only i perceived it to be ……