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Traces of life is that chapter which I am going to start from now . The chapter revolves around the traces we find in our life , let it be the good or bad . I was sitting somewhere and I heard a voice in my mind . I don’t know who was talking to me , or me talking to myself … A topic for you all which I want to deliver you in few parts , it will be a life talking with you people which will provide you with the traces we find in our life. 



                     Trace of life 


Trace means the evidence we get from somewhere or some places which tells us about that particular situation or the events happened there . We all are familiar with the past events and history but one thing is similar from past to present that we humans are the same and our structures too . 

One body ,two hands , two legs , two eyes , two ears and other parts made by God.


Do you know what life is ? 


Life is the SOUL we get in the form of the human body to learn lessons about the Precious things God has planned for us.

 It is more than food , clothing and body. Life is not an endless pursuit for getting more and more . Life’s meaning comes from a deeper place than just the physical world around us. We people are so busy with our living and the surrounding near us 



Next conversation in part 1 



Thankyou for reading 

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