Although to get on board the train after searching the D-6 compartment and amongst all the crowd is a struggle in itself but the real struggle starts when we board it. The first struggle is to find our seats and when we find our seats, then mostly somebody will be seated on it already. So we have to first show our tickets to them and talk to them nicely. After that they get up from our seats(because our seats were reserved) after wasting our 5 minutes. The second struggle is to get all the luggage in the train and make sure that nothing gets left behind or get stolen. The third struggle is to lift and place those heavy bags and attachies on the steel carriers above the seats. Then finally all of us get seated. Athough, i agree that this struggle of boarding the train is nothing as compared to Ananya Pandey’s struggle in Bollywood, but still it’s a humble common man’s struggle.

As soon as the train starts running on the railway lines with the beautiful ‘chuk-chuk,chuk-chuk’ sound,our old friends start coming to meet us. Firstly, comes our chaiwale bhaiya selling tea by singing ‘choi-choi, garma-garam choi’,after him comes coffee wale bhaiya selling coffee by saying ‘caaffee’ (like priyanka chopra’s character in barfi picture says buffyy), then comes soup wale bhaiya selling tomato soup by saying ‘tametoe sop’. Many vendors selling different things ranging from sandwiches to cold drinks and cutlets to chips comes and goes but we rarely purchase any of those things. The reason is because we have our desi home-made jeere aloo ki subji,aam ka achaar and pooris to eat,that we start eating as soon as we cross Khanna Junction.


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