We have a cat of third generation as a domestic pet in our house in the village. The cat is fondly called Sunhari and we always play with the cat certain games which keep us on our toes.Sunhari is very agile and smart. Once cat was in advance stage of pregnancy. She delivered certain number of kittens in neighbourhood.We were fondly missing the cat during her absence from our house.One fine day she brought a kitten.Now we could understand that that she had delivered kittens somewhere else. My mother took care of the cat during that period and served it well with food and milk.There was a big Tom in the neighbourhood which entered in our courtyard past midnight in the dark night. It was just a coincidence, we forgot to put the door latch.Sunhari managed to escape from our house.Tom assaulted the kitten. My mother woke up on hearing the noise.It was a great concern of her safety but suddenly we learnt that kitten had got injury to his eye. My mother very promptly nursed the cat and gave first-aid by refixing the kitten eye with heated mustard oil and turmeric powder. We fed it with cotton balls soaked in luke warm milk mixed with turmeric. We kept the kitten in the bag hung near the wall ensuring the safety. With the dedicated efforts of the Lady of the House that kitten recovered of its injuries and hence got the eye restored to herself and started playing with the kittens and the cat. This is a very good source of entertainment besides the inherent exercise.It is a good source of scaring away the rodents as well.My mother unawaringly discharged her responsibility towards the pet. I really wonder as to how I developed such an Interest with the pet,and without any Interest and love the pet cannot be looked after and brought up well. Pet also needs all the care that a child needs. Cat provide their owners both physical and emotional benefits especially to the elderly or living alone.It have true loyalty and affection to the owner. In addition to this,pet can have significant benefits like critical mental health, relieving stress, anxiety, depression and last but not least reducing risk of heart attack. Lesson learnt from them is valuable.