Under the sea,

Tranquility is the light shining down on your soul.

Cleans yourself in the rays of the sun.

Peacefulness is the liberation of life.

Surf on the waves of time.

Wander in the calm waves of serenity.

Serene is the beauty of love.

Tremble in the inner transformation.

Change is the ebb and flow of human life.

Weigh the possibilities of the future with inner peace.

Float on the waves of time into a new direction.

Flow with the tides of change.

Gratitude is the way of truth.

Rise and fall in the turbulent waves.

Balance your emotions in the harmony of the current.

Currents may pull you down or push you upward towards the surface.

Swirl in the school of fish that teach you to embrace the chaos and confusion.

Release yourself from the settlement of what rises from the bottom of the sea.

Dive into the depths of your soul.

Face the impurities with grace.

Forgiveness cleanses the tempo of what you hold inside in the deep sea. 

Swim through the weeds where you can not see.

Untangle yourself from the debris.

Float forward into the life’s new summer breeze.