Here I am sharing my experience of my journey with Shri Om Swamiji.  Now it’s almost six & half years since I was blessed –

I started my journey to an Existence beyond Existence, which I always wanted to, from January 2014 when I meet Shri Om Swamiji for the first time in Mumbai.  The turning point came in November 2018, when the updated version of THE BLACK LOTUS APP was made available, and Shri Om Swamiji’s benediction during my visit to Ashram at the time of His birthday.

By taking small steps, not desiring that anything amazing will happen out of blue, & by following Swamiji’s teaching, not by pick n choose method but, by fully understanding the meaning of his spoken or written words, I have progressed to this level.

Some few month ago while I was mediating on the form of Divine Mother, I first saw faint golden light on my brow chakra, I continued with my meditation, but the light was becoming brighter and brighter.  At some stage during this experience I became aware that I am not this body, this left a mark on my consciousness.  I thought that the golden light might be due to the sun rays filtering through my window as the Sun has just come up on eastern horizon.  But after few days the experience repeated at a time when it was still dark.  After this experience I started contemplating on the form and formless.

As someone may argue and brush it aside as hallucination, I too could have, but for the awareness I harnessed from the daily practice of guided meditation on Divine Mother – the “Devi Hymn” in Black Lotus App, I could not.  This guided meditation is all about the different forms of Mother Divine where we offer salutations to different forms (which include the formless forms) of Mother Divine, one formless form being delusion (भ्रांति – माया – भ्रम).  Our intelligence too is another formless form of mother divine.  My earlier blog “My experience of Journey to an Existence beyond Existence”!AvHvvmf_b_Hw1zTfXoD3jyC4ZlBU?e=vHcjal

is one of my experience of ONENESS, there is no duality, duality is just our perception.

With persistent meditation I came to conclusion that if want to know the unknown I must transcend from me, as material form to me, as formless form.  To deepen this awareness, I started meditating on “Who am I?” guided meditation in Black Lotus App.  This meditation helped me to go further deep inside and now that I am on the first step, I believe that to know my ultimate truth I must start cleansing inside out.

Here is a beautiful quote by — Bruce Lee

 “Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.”

Let me tell you that there is a treasure hidden in teachings of Shri Swamiji and shall be explored.  Let me caution you, if you are reading this, that this treasure hunting is very time consuming and slow-paced process until you reach a certain level.   As Swamiji says “this journey has to be undertaken by self, no one else can carry you there”.

My truth may be different, each one must find his own truth.


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