Master’s feet is precious for a devotee, although I don’t consider myself a true devotee because I can’t keep up with what my master teaches me but when Love flows it sometimes takes the form of words, sometimes music and sometimes nothing and  just silence. This poem was also a love flowing from an eternal ocean to the small stream of my words as Sushree ji just posted a beautiful comment on my last post that let him write and the words will flow…and this is one of those poems which came to me and not my own.

Four years ago when I was in standard 12,  one day when I was heading back to home from school in an autorickshaw, in a way there was a place from where my auto was passing and there was lot of dust on the way making me feel irritated but just after few minutes I remembered the phrase which I use as a designation when I write something for my master and that is Dust Particle of your Lotus Feet, within seconds my perception for the dust particles striking my face changed into a beautiful thread of words which were surely not mine. Hope you all might like this poem and can relate to the love ignited in everyone’s heart because of Swamiji…

One day a particle of dust came to me, 

Asked for the most precious surface on the Earth to settle upon,

Replying I said, My Master’s feet!

Curious and excited it left me and set for another destination to reach.

After a long search,

It settled on my beloved’s feet,

Now it was no longer what it was,

But a crystal particle! for where it reached.

P.s. Thank you all for so much support on last post…you people have become my inspiration for writing more…really really grateful. Somebody supported me by donating some amount, I don’t who is the one with the Golden heart but thank you so much…I will surely make your money go for a good cause. Lots of love to all 🙏🙏❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗

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