Jai Sri Hari!

Thank you os.me for everything. Last week I was travelling with my friend. We were having a discussion and suddenly a beautiful thought from the deepest corner of my mind came….. 

“Unchaaeeyon ko Paanaa hai to Gehraaeeyon tak Jana Hoga…..”

You can see the picture which I used, Sansar Vriksh… This is the tree of our life… It’s roots are touching the sky… No, it’s not like this. It’s a representation, showing us a path to live a happy life. You have to know about the roots to get on the top of the world. 

Have you ever experienced a fear?

Fear of failure?

It’s not the fear of Failure, it’s the fear of society.

It’s my second attempt, what if I’m unable to make it happen this time, what people will say? What about my parents?

Dear, you are just adding a bit more load to your journey, you are supposed to cover this journey without getting too much tired. You just give your best try…. Don’t go for results, be the best version of yourself. You have to be consistent.

Same in the path of Sadhana, we cry for Mother Divine. Don’t know when that moment will come when she will arrive in front of us… We have to just try and try.

So don’t be afraid of anything.

When you see someone, you see their position, see he or she is so popular, talented and so on. But this doesn’t stops here. If you are truly inspired then you have to go to their roots, how they achieved this. If you do the same then you’ll get the same.

To get rid of your bad emotions reflect on their origin and then uproot it from the core. Suppose you just avoid them, it means you are cutting them and this will not solve your problem, you have to uproot them instead of cutting them.

At this point you may disagree with me that who knows that it’ll not come back again?

Yes, it’ll come back again. Because it’s impossible to control your thoughts. But this time  this thought is just like a small plant. Now you tell me, is it easy to uproot a plant or to uproot a tree?

Of course, a plant!

That’s why our scriptures says that yogis are able to control their thoughts because they know that it’s easy to uproot a plant.

Generally, what happens, for the whole life time, we carry these thoughts and we nourish them to become a tree and then we blame others for these thoughts. Life doesn’t works like this, we have to change our mindset by looking at the roots of every situation.

Jai Sri Hari!


Pic Credits: Gitapress