I rescued a pup around 12 years ago. I still remember it was a rainy night, and I could hear a whining puppy voice from a distance. It was constant for some time; hence I took an umbrella and looked for him.

Following the voice, I reached a spot where Chutko (the name we gave him afterward), a few months old male pup, was stuck underneath a heavy rock (maybe weighing 20-30 kilos). The pressure of the stone was on his lower back, so I lifted the rock a little bit and took him out.

He was profusely injured. The stone had cut deep into his lower back, oozing blood and pus. Maybe he had been stuck there for a while. Indeed from day one, he was a born fighter as miraculously, he was still alive.

I took him to my house, adopted him, and got him treated at the vet the next day. Since rainy days were going on, the wound took more time to heal. He was on heavy meds to recover fully. But he never objected to taking medicines. He was very resilient, having high tolerance power. He calmly accepted the pain of injections and the wound.

Finally, he was all well. He lived a fulfilled and happy life until 12th Jan 2023 (when he took his last breath in the morning). He had been suffering from tick fever for quite a while. Between those 12 years, he had a medical situation almost every year, but it did not deter him from living joyfully. We named him Chutko, but he was a brave dog at heart.

And that’s what we also require in our life endeavors- Courage. The turning point in our life comes only with Courage and Faith. A pet has complete faith in its owner and is courageous enough to protect them, which comes naturally to them. Our soul’s innate nature is also free of fear and full of faith. We just need to realize the same. And how do we do that?


“I will gladly give my head, but I will not give up my faith” – Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.

All glories to Swami Ji!