I have a habit of reading while traveling to office in mumbai local . It takes me 45-50 mins to reach my office. I utilise this time to read books on my phone .
I generally read science and spiritual books mostly and you know these kind of books require more focus as every line and sentence is full of wisdom . But you know traveling in mumbai local is like hell too much crowded ,too much noise , people are talking to eachother . Some people are watching videos on speaker phone , some are playing ludo . In morning some groups enjoy singing bhajans with instrument I also enjoy with them Bhajans has power to awaken your soul .
So Its very hard to concentrate on reading . And its becomes more hard while you are standing push and pull of crowd and when station comes few people get down but large no. of people get in which creates a big mess .
So today while i was reading a book “Power unknown to God ” by Colonel T Sreenivasulu. I suddenly start reading with making a very subtle sound ” HUMM…” in me (Only I can hear that sound ) it occurs automatically to me . After sometime I realized that I’m completely distracted from the noise of crowd and my reading speed increases with more concentration . Actually that “Humm..” sound don’t let you listen the others and doesn’t disturb your reading as well.
I thought I should share this trick with my OS.ME family.

Jai Shri Hari