Trimbakeshwar Temple | What are Pitru Paksha and Pitru Dosh Nivaran Pooja?

Pitru Paksha period is a very auspicious day for Hindu people. As per the Hindu calendar, Pitru Paksha comes once a year. Full moon day (Purnima) of Shukla paksha, specifically the month of Bhadrpada is the period of Pitru Paksha. Amavasya of Krishna Paksha is the last day of 16 lunar days and to complete the Pitru Paksha. During Pitru Paksha, Hindus prefer to eat only sattvic food. No auspicious work is done in the house like marriage or any function, and no new clothes or new things are bought. Trimbakeshwar is the most visited temple in Pitru Paksha. Many people perform Pooja for their dead ancestors at Trimbakeshwar.

In life, every person does many sins knowingly and unknowingly and everyone has to pay for that sins. After death, a person’s soul finds a place in Pitru loka. The place between Earth and Heaven is the place of Pitru Loka. 

At the time of death, many people’s many wishes remain unfulfilled. Because of their unfulfilled wishes and the sins performed in their life, their souls don’t get moksha and they do not find a feeling of peace after their death. Such person’s unsatisfied souls create many problems in the next generation’s life. But next generation can help such souls to find peace and moksha by performing the Shraddha ceremony. But there are other reasons for souls not getting salvation like the sudden death of a person due to unnatural causes. If the next generations of people perform rites for them in Trimbakeshwar their souls find peace and reach heaven. 

Pitru means our dead ancestors. Pitru Dosh shows in many people’s Kundli. Pitru Dosh is the effect of bad Karmas performed by ancestors while they are living. Many people think that Pitru Dosh is the curse of ancestors, But this is not true. Simply, Pitru Dosh is the Karmic debt of our forefathers which is paid by the person who has Pitru Dosh in their horoscope.

Pitru Dosh occurs in the horoscope because of three major reasons 1) the Effects of the planets 2) the Ancestor’s deeds 3) the Person’s own Karma

Pitru Doshh Pooja In Trimbakeshwar

In Trimbakeshwar Pitru Dosh nivaran Pooja performs in the Pitru Paksha. Trimbakeshwar is the abode of three deities. Trimbakeshwar is the place of the Lord Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh, so the Pooja performed here is very fruitful. Many people from all over the world come to Trimbakeshwar from all over the world to perform Pitru Dosh Puja under the guidance of Trimbakeshwar Tamrapatradhari Pandit. Trimbakeshwar is also famous for many other Pooja. Trimbakeshwar Tamrapatradhari Pandit performs a Pooja like Kaal sarp dosh, Narayan Nagbali Pooja, Tripindi Shradh Pooja, Rudrabhishek Pooja, Mahamrityunjay Pooja, etc.

Pitru Dosh Pooja Process

For Pitru Dosh Pooja you have to be present at Trimbakeshwar one day before. After the Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja begins, the person cannot go anywhere outside the Trimbakeshwar Temple until the Puja is completed. A new white-colored dhoti and gumcha should be worn along with the puja. And only sattvic food should be consumed during the puja period.

After the puja is completed, give food to the Brahmins, and cows. Also, this charity should be given to poor people. Do not consume meat and alcohol for 41 days after the puja. In this puja, the ritual of Pinda Dan has to be done. In this ritual, the oath is to satisfy all the ancestor’s souls.

Every year, on the death anniversary of ancestors, Shraddha rituals should be performed to get blessings from ancestors. On his death day, charity should be done in their name. 

Pitru Dosh Traits

A person sees their ancestors in their dream.
Ancestors ask a food or clothes in dreams.
Seeing snakes in dreams.

Effects of Pitru Dosh

Continuous sickness
Financial problems
Physical problems
Continuous arguments in life 
Delayed in marriage
Problems in having a child after marriage
Chances of Unnatural death because of depression
Financial Loss
Some people face never-ending poverty. 

Food Prohibited in Pitru Paksha

Raw gains, Non-vegetarian food, Onion, and garlic, Masoor dal, Alcohol, supari, Black salt, brinjal, eera, black mustard, cucumbers, etc.

Duration of Pitru Dosh Nivaran Pooja

Pitru Dosh nivaran Pooja is conducted at the Trimbakeshwar temple with Tamrapatradhari Pandit. The whole Pooja takes three days time to complete.