I have three pens as you can see in the picture above. I call the REd one Rajj, white one Sattva, and Black one Tamm. But the ink inside all of them is Royal Blue. And I call this ink Turiya. All I mean to convey is one can be the ink, regardless of which cover you’re wearing. To stretch the ice, one needs to Vaporise and then Crystallized. Until we become the ink, we may be doing Simple Harmonic motion being the three pens. Crystallization of Ego in Turiya is the way to become water and becoming coal to Diamond and Thus a Disciple. Guru will make the Diamond shine.

We should learn to practice, dependency on Truth.

Bleed Blue. Jai Hind. My Ego/Identity is Maa Bharati.

Thank You.

Loads of Love.

P.S. I am dying to meet my Guru in Person (My Lock down Realization).

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Sumit Saurav


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