Blog- True cause of pleasure , pain and suffering
Pleasure and pain is the senses being experienced by state of mind . Whenever pleasure comes , pain is lurking waiting to cast ominous ( dangerous or gloaming ) shadow . Observe how quickly too much pleasure produce bitter aftertaste if taken to extreme .
Pain is the signal which we create ourselves , it is a reminder of unfinished business .There is always a common factor behind pain weakness and falsity of human nature itself , we need to understand our nature and stand against any eventuality in life otherwise we have to take pain killer.Further to add that Life throws many dangerous thing and problems  in our life. we are not the problem , situation is a problem. We have to find ourselves the wonderful possibilities to handle the problem in Life .We have to  protect us by a  shield so that no arrow or any bullet may harm us  in any situation .Life problem can be resolved by our state of mind – being calm , being in peace , being stable , take right decision , follow the consistency. 

Om Shanti

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