Ravishankar Maharaj is distributing 5000 kg “gudd”  (sugarcane juice) in a village. When he is giving it to a girl, that girl denied to take it and said —“main nahi lungi” ( I will not take it)

“Why”?  Says Maharaj . She replied ” I have learned that do not take anything free!  You are giving this free, if i get it in return for wages or service I will surely take it.

Maharaja very  surprised. Who has given such type of education to her. To know this he asked her— “from where u learn this?” She said — ” My Mother” . He gone to his mother and ask about it. Mother replied —“kyon maharaj ? Maine isme nayi baat kya kahi? Bhagwaan ne haath-pag diye hai, tab muft kyon lena chahiye? ( Why Maharaj? What is new in this? When Lord has given us hands and leg, then why to take it free?)

Maharaj:- you have read any spiritual literature/ dharm shastra?

Mother :- No 

Maharaj:- How your livelihood is going? 

Mother :- We have Lord’s Hand on our family. I cut the wood from forest and on selling it I got the required anaj I.e.  Grain from market. And this girl and i made roti (chapati) from it. In this way our life is going peacefully. 

Maharaj :- father of this girl…..

On hearing this, she became sad and says ” Father of this girl gone (died) in very young age and left us. He left us with 30 bigha land and 2 bulls. But from God’s inspiration (bhagwat prerna) came a thought in my mind that if this wealth is given/applied for well-being of this village it would be very good. 

Then I thought in which cause these should be given. With my knowledge I came to know that there is scarcity of water in this village very much , so I thought if a well is made in village it would be beneficial. Then I sell all that wealth.

After that I gone to Seth (wealthy person)  of village and gave him all the money I got by selling and ask him to make a well in village with that money. 

Seth is a very good person. He do hard work and made a well and also a pond for drinking of animals in that money.

In this way that sister left the right on wealth of his husband and do charity for village. In Her heart he might thinking that I have married with husband not for wealth but to go forward on the way for Discovering her own Truth i e. Lord . What education can be more than such type of sanskar and understanding. 

P.S. :- Tulsidasji has rightly said :- 

        परहित बस जिन्ह के मन माहीं।

       तिन्ह कहुँ जग दुर्लभ कछु नाहीं॥

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