Good evening to all the readers. Thank you for your time and patience to read my blog number 3 on this website now. Honestly, since i am new to blogging i do not really plan out my subject but i hear what my mind tells me when i am about to write it at the moment. From what i recollect i shared a brief insight about my childhood in my previous post. So today i would be diving a little into my spiritual beliefs i gained from my observations based on how life happened in and around me. Growing up, i had a huge family from both my dad and mom’s side; and what intrigued me a lot was the set culture which was always encouraged in our society of not eating non veg and staying clean of alcohol tobacco and other drugs since they are so bad for you. But when i grew up and saw alot of my closest members breaking those rules and that apparently made them happy at first but in subsequent days they would themselves mess up something somewhere which in turn affected them worse than before and now they were caught up in this cycle of drinking, messing up, regretting, correcting, achieving, getting complacent, drinking again and so on. A person’s life is caught up in this and the sad part is some of them do not even realize they are caught up in this cycle and are so far invested in that lifestyle that turning back for that individual becomes an herculean task in itself but meanwhile the world keeps judging them and forsaking them for their behaviors instead of understanding and helping. Whos fault is this? The individuals? Who is to blame for this? The people who encouraged this culture? When we miss our flight or something unfair happens to us, we as human beings immediately start seeking payback and compensation by contacting customer service or taking the matter to court, but when something so philosophical and REAL happens with someone why do people not care; and their not caring affects them only! so why didn’t they? I have met, seen and observed that humans in general would rather work a exact same menial physical tasking job for 25 years than rather use their brains to have their own ideas, yet when it comes to arguments everyone likes to express their individual opinions and people have their own stands and believe, and all of us want to become millionaires as well. I do not know what it is called but this is a thing where when humans run into a situation which involves critical thinking their soul becomes itchy and they want to close the matter by running into hasty and bewildered outcomes. And this hastiness is a problem which determines the quality of the output to your input. I have found some remedies myself to mitigate this hastiness in this modern world which is REALly working (mind you i used to work 70-80 hrs a week), plus i am a huge fitness enthusiast and have ran 5k 10k 21k; i feel like some ancient wisdom is difficult to understand while you are born and raised in a 21st century world. I am not saying those remedies might work for everyone but at least try and help yourself with this. The body we all are born with, the body which helps us accumulate good karma, fame, respect, dignity; things which delights out soul, we at least owe to this body the nurture, care and repair from all the penance we do to gain anything in this life. But again i have my own reasons as to why i would not disclose anything to anyone here, simply because in all my sit downs about life and universe i have been constantly ridiculed, made fun of by people who truly needed to seek those advice and i am a human after all so do not expect me to have saintly level patience so it got the better of me eventually. Deep down i know it does not matter what others think and hence i have already said alot of good things in this but to dive deeper is the venture of a serious person and i have so many more topics and things in my head to discuss that elaboration would only be possible if someone needs it. Also please enlighten me as well as to what are your thoughts and beliefs on this topic i am always open to learn new thoughts and ideas because they simply excite me. Thank you so much once again for the read and have a blessed day!