The will to surrender to the divine is an individual decision but in our daily routine how to do so is a question we find difficult to answer. We all believe in a supernatural power that controls our existence but we have never been able to visualize this abstract energy. The desire to surrender exists but the path to do so still remains a mystery to be unearthed.

Surrender to me feels like a release from many of the desires that will take us towards peace and contentment. To surrender to the divine we need to explore, try various approaches, keep experimenting, and then see where are we reaching.

To surrender to the unknown requires courage as we do not know what we will experience when we develop full faith in the divine. There are gurus that guide us and claim that we need to perform certain rituals and develop the trust in them to experience the feeling of surrendering but this requires complete faith. With our logical approach, we need to change our mindset and then train ourselves to surrender and experience its impact.

When people share their experiences of what they experienced when they surrendered it fills me with awe and I am wonderstruck by their words but have still not able to understand what it requires for me to experience the same emotion. I believe in the words my Guru says, I trust him when he shares his ideology, I respect his words of wisdom, follow his advice and try to incorporate some of his teachings but I still need more enlightenment on how I can surrender to his divinity. I am still way off but keeping my chin up and trying everyday (just a lil’ bit more) to seek the path of true surrender.

Guys help needed! Anything you can share on this will be wonderful. Thanks in advance!

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