Something I felt like worth sharing and not just keeping it to myself…as I was returning back home and my usual routine at this time to feed dogs was just over. 

 I was sitting quietly and I saw a puppy half-covered with mud running joyously towards his mother and jumping on her all of a sudden and his mother was looking elsewhere and he suddenly pounced on her with all love and affection surprising her, and she calmly took him under her arm licking his forehead with so much love while he drank the milk.

Something dawned on me while watching this whole scenario…that we all are covered with afflictions and faults… just like this puppy covered with mud, yet when we wholeheartedly, lovingly and joyously surrender ourselves to mother nature, shiva or Guru whatever you may call it they accept us as we are with no judgments just pure love…

❤️ Love and light…🤗🙏💫

To show how the divine accept us with all our faultsu

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