What is Truth? Is it the world that sleeps at night or the one which is awake and firing on all cylinders? Where is humanity heading to? Or is there even a direction in this universe?

Who am I? What is Life?  Is it the absence of death or just a timer before it? 

Imagine your thirsty but your hands are tied backwards to a rope. Someone pours water on your throat. The water can cool down your throat and body for sometime but it doesn’t quench your thirst. May be its the same with these worldly things like a job, home, investments etc. They’re necessary for survival but beyond that they’re no good.  They give blips of happiness/truth but it doesn’t last long. Life can be full with these things but not complete.

My own experience is the more you run, the more you feel lost. Running after a career, job, family, investments but where does it end? 

I read/heard this line maybe from Swamiji once:

“Vyakti sukh bhogne nikalta hai par ant mein sukh usko bhog leta hai.”