Second in this series Buddhist Philosophy, in the first post of Indian Philosophy, I cover short Carvaka philosophy .

Buddha, we all know Thathagat. Swamiji mentions Tathagata many times in his discourses and writings. Buddha was primarily an ethical teacher and reformer, not a metaphysician.
His message of Enlightenment lead mankind beyond suffering.

Often Buddha was asked metaphysical questions like life after death, what survived whatnot, the world is infinite or not, an identical question. Instead of discussing such type of questions buddha always tried to enlighten a person on the most important question that is,
1. Sorrow,
2. Its origin,
3. Its cessation,
4. The path that leads to its cessation.

The answer to this four-question constitutes the essence of the Buddha enlightenment and this known as the four noble of truth.

A-  Life in the world is full of suffering.
B-  There is the cause of this suffering.
C- It is possible to stop this suffering.
D- There is a path that leads to the cessation of suffering.

If we contemplated on this how beautifully it was arranged. The first is Reality one can not avoid, second is There is cause for it. Swamiji always says there is a price to be paid for every desire, Third, there is Hope, yes we can get rid of those suffering. And last is There is the way. How we should lead our life, how we should live, in which buddha talks about eight good things to follow. ( I will share about it in a subsequent post)

Let’s see all four one by one:

First Nobel Truth about suffering.
The sight of suffering which upset the mind of the young Siddhartha we’re of diseases, old age and death. However, the very enlightened mind of Buddha, not simply these but the very essential conditions of Life, Human and subhuman, appeared without exception to be fraught with misery. Misery Buddha said is all that is born of attachment of birth, old age, disease, death, sorrow, grief, wish, desire.
Charvaka, as we see in the last post focus on worldly pleasure, remember he said ” EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY” However in buddha views such worldly pleasures appear only to short-sighted people and one should not indulge in those things.

Post will be long so I will share  3 Truth in the next post. Till then Live Laugh and Love.

Thank you for taking your precious time for reading.

Jai Sri Hari