I never expected the overwhelming support I got on my cause and the single focused that I shared in the last post A Fight for Dreams. It brought in tears when I saw My God, Swamiji’s message on my post, they extended their divine grace and help to me just an ordinary guy. 

It was a very emotional moment for me. I couldn’t even sleep that night. 

Although I politely declined their help because I just want to put my sweat and blood to my purpose, my os.me family helped me financially even without asking me. My words are falling short to thank all those noble souls who helped me and encouraged me to work harder. 

I completely believe that if God wants to do something, they anyhow find a way to make that happen. Earlier I used to think, it’s my dream to become an IAS to be able to make a positive change in society. But now I believe, I’m merely a medium, it’s God who chose me to act for the welfare of people and society. 

I feel totally blessed, because I’m now a part of God’s plan. 

I’m working very hard, so God’s plan can be completed as soon as possible. 

The pic attached in the post is yesterday’s pic, when it was 2 am ( I’m not a night owl, I wake up early) and I was very, but I don’t know why I was not willing to put the book and sleep, then I clicked this picture. 

My this post is inspired from Swamiji’s last blog Lies.

My os.me family has shown immense faith and support in me then it’s my moral responsibility that I always be completely honest and transparent. I want to convey my message to my family that I value every rupee I received through support and spend very judiciously. 

I received a total sum of ₹1,30,739 from my os.me family and ₹3500 I had withdrawn from my Karma credit this month that I spent in purchasing books. This amount might look big to many people, and trivial for others. For me, money is just a tool to fulfill dreams. 

I’m keeping the notes of all the spending I’m doing for my preparation. 

I believe being honest and truthful is the most important thing at any point of time. No one should feel cheated for their kindness and generosity. That’s why I shared every detail here. 

Post Script :- I keep the possibility that this post or maybe the account can be taken down for revealing money-related aspects.

I am poor but still I’m not obsessed with money. God always finds a way, if they close one door, they always open two new doors. 

My responsibility is just to work hard and be honest and truthful in my conduct and behavior. 

Jai Shri Hari!! 🙏🙏