Truth has legs!


Really might as well continue to be here; in the space of truth, and more so, fearlessly!

More so, when I see the most passionate, powerful, fearful-turned-fearless humans stand right in the centre of it.

More so, when it is hard to stand in the spotlight that it attracts.

More so, when the judgment comes piercing and the vulnerability is misconstrued.

More so, when you risk it all. And consciously so, because it can never be hidden. And, it shall leave a fragrance of purity.

We may as well still stand, right in this space—-the space of truth, the space of authentic power!

Truth has legs! It stands when it’s present and it is compellingly present when it stands up! 

My Inspiration for the write-up above is Elizabeth Gilbert (writer, author). I was oozing thoughts and words, when I read the lines below by her.

“The truth has legs; it always stands. When everything else in the room has blown up or dissolved away, the only thing left standing will always be the truth. Since that’s where you’re gonna end up anyway, you might as well just start there.”

How beautifully expressed is the power of truth, by her!