After brisk walking on the ground near our house, mom and me came to house. Had our breakfast and were talking. Mom’s phone rang and it was my brother from USA calling. She became busy with talking. I was just sitting on bed, enjoying weekend as I really value them for lazying around.

My phone rang and began speaking with my wife, she is in “Maaika” for pregnancy. We talked about and argued in friendly way on fixing girl’s child name(even if we both don’t know what gender is our child. But I desperately want a girl child.)  She wanted to hear more options but I was fixed on “Siddhani” name(Name of daughter of Ajay Om) I liked that name very much. We talked on other matters and time just flew by and I may have talked to her for approximately 45 minutes.

Mother asked me what were you talking about and what happened to her protein powder. I said to not worry, she has bought new protein powder box and she is having it.

Mother went to take a shower and came back with a firm look.

“Why can’t she make just one phone call to me?”

“She made it mumma, when you were ill.”

“For how many days are you going to repeat that one call. She  doesn’t even care about me. Only when you need work from me, only then you call. She speaks sweetly only when she needs my help. When she doesn’t need help, she doesn’t even make one call to ask about me.”

“She will understand slowly.”

“I have provided her with everything when she has been advised with total bed rest. Prepared food for her, took plate to her room on her bed. Took my plate too to eat with her, so she doesn’t feel lonely. Did all household work without her help. Once your dad had Chaturthi, she didn’t come down from upper floor to ground floor in kitchen to prepare Shabhudana. I   wasn’t there at that time, can’t she even prepare Shabhudana when her father-in-law has come from work at night. She just ate her food and slept down. Your father does everything for her and can’t she even do shabhudana atleast once. Can’t she do anything in return for him?”

“Mummy, she doesn’t know about pappa’s chaturthi day. She is totally new to this. At her home, she didn’t learn this things. She was focused only on studies.”

“What has she done in studies? She did BAMS in private college and not even in government college.”

“Her mother and father haven’t taught her. She will learn here.”

“Love and appreciation doesn’t come by asking for it. It comes by empathy and understanding each other. You should have kept her under control.”

“What should I do mom? Should I leave her?”

“Whenever I ask you of something. You just go to extreme. I have forced you to marry her and we family convinced you to marry her as you had epileptic seizures, thinking that Doctor will take good care of you. Forget about my caring, she just keeps you running and always on your toes.”(I wasn’t ready for marriage for her looks and I was crazy for fair complexion since my mother is also too much fair. If my father can get fair complexion girl in marriage, then why can’t I? Why should I marry to dark complexioned girl? I got rejections from every girl I told truth about my epilepsy. I began to think that I  shouldn’t have followed Om Swami, that way I could have hidden truth from girl I liked. But after following Om Swami, I felt guilt if I didn’t tell truth about epilepsy to girls. Till this day I feel teared apart from thoughts of marrying dark complexioned girl. But after meeting Meera Om on WhatsApp, her words of advice on marriage life and family, these thoughts are bothering me less.

Only the girl who is my wife now, accepted me inspite of epilepsy. She said she has seen patients of epilepsy and she doesn’t have any problem. But I wasn’t ready to marry her for dark complexion)

“Mom, I should go to bank on weekends too. Sitting in front of you is like making great mistake. I  can’t listen anymore.” Said I with bit of irritation.

I got up and went to bathroom, as I had plans to clean bathroom, wash basin and washroom with Harpic. I poured Harpic on floor of bathroom, washroom, basin and buckets. After pouring Harpic, I thought “Oh God, should I call cleaner to clean it? It is too much to clean.”

Then second thought came to my mind, “Even Swamiji cleans his own washroom when he is on travel. He doesn’t keep it for hotel staff to clean. And you Rascal, you can’t even clean your own bathroom and washroom.”

Thinking about Swami, I cleaned buckets, wash basin, washroom and bathroom by wearing spectacles, mask and doctor’s gloves(of my wife😁) for protection from dangerous Harpic.

After coming out of bathroom,

“Sorry Abhi, I yelled at you. She should atleast ask me how are you. I had anger on her and it came out on you.”

“It’s okay Mom. You speak out of tiredness and pain.”

Then we shared light laughter and began talking about other things.

Through this post, I say sorry to Om Swami for being struck in old narrow minded thinking of fair and dark complexion. And sorry Mom, I will definitely politely ask her to make one phone call as it is part of RAK. You have worked from age of 13 after child marriage and now you have done that monotonous work of preparing food and washing utensils for 37 years. It is kind of Tapasya too. And thanks to wife for accepting me as I am, inspite of epilepsy.

Truth clears your heart like clear sky.