There is a proverb about truth that                 

             Truth is bitter 

Is it really or is it in our hands to make it sweet or bitter? Let’s find out.

Today morning when I was engaging my 1 year old daughter in a play on terrace my husband said something mean to my Mother in law. She started blaming me for his mean behaviour that I fill his mind with filthy thoughts about her.

This filled me with hurt and anger found its easy target in my hurt.

I called her out that how can she blame me for her son’s behaviour. How easily she blamed me without any fault of mine because I am not her daughter. As she herself practices spirituality don’t she knows everyone is responsible for their behaviour even if I told him something.

Mothers can’t believe that their children can do wrong because they have this biased view about themselves that they brought up their children as saints.

I left the place and calmed myself. By Mother Divine’s grace I realized that I said my truth but because I was angry I said it with bitterness. Also all she got out of that conversation is I got angry on her and spoke in front of her.

Truth mixed with anger is bitter.

When we become mindful. We can respond by choice and make our truth sweet.

Love and Peace

Bhanu Priya

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