Truth vs. Reality
In my view, truth is not belonging to anybody vs. reality. Truth is there, is one and universal; while reality is made by society and persons. Reality is what is happening now, between persons and society. That is competition, hatred, jealousy and war. Truth is something beyond reality and deeper. This is our responsibility to unveil it, to discover it; inside and outside (in nature and society).
When I was very young, many “Why s” and “What s” came to my mind. I was so confused about what is happening in the society and people relations and what is happening in my mind. My spirit became quite discomforted. Who is who and which is which? Sometimes I was wandering and crying. Who can help me, who will be my mentor? All of a sudden some whispering came to my mind:” nature, life itself; look outside and observe. My journey began and till now is continuing.
Love and freedom is the base of life itself and nature, while unfortunately reality doesn’t respect and concern these. In nature any creature, independent of gender, religion and race has the right of living, according to their own specialty and differences. While in reality is not so. Let’s put, laws and social restrictions aside, I am not referring to these issues.
Have you ever think about Sun kindness, gives us light and warmth without any expectation or gratitude. Observing nature and society and their contradictions, helped me stepping in some kind of universal truth. The truth, which is one all around the word. Body and mind are two sides of a coin. Liver and gallbladder are located in the right side of the abdomen, for all human beings; as it is kindness and freedom. Accept and respect this oneness, needs put ourselves at risk and hardness. And the consequences will be breeze of happiness of life. Simultaneous joy with not reason, as fresh as spring flowers.

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