In this world not all people posses the power of truth. Everyone lie’s sometimes somewhere for their own benefit, but problem comes when we start to lie more often for our benefit. We speak lie for our benefit and sabotage other people’s for that. But is it worth it, we surely need to think about it. Is it even worth it to lie to someone for little profit, I don’t think so. 

In spiritual path we all see that all the gurus tell us to speak only truth and nothing else, but why? Ever think about it. Did you observe that gurus posses the power of making something happen just by speaking it. How does they do that? Well I can say that’s the power of Truth.

If you speak only and only truth and nothing else then you can progress on spiritual path even faster, but it’s not easy, Because we had spoke so much lies that it has become nature of some people’s. So now if they start speaking truth they wont be able to do it. At some point they are going to lie, even if they don’t want to because it has become their habit to speak lie in unfavorable situations. So, If you are serious to talk only truth, you need to focus on what you talk because at some point little bit of lie is going to slip through your mouth. for example, if you are at bar last night and when woke up in the morning and if your mom and dad ask you that where were you last night then what will you say, only few people will say truth and most of the people will lie. Because we don’t want to upset them, but that’s the thing if you want to grow spiritually and have the power of truth then you have to speak truth always no matter what. Did you know that if you speak truth only nothing else, then us will accumulate energy which will help you. Like if you speak only truth then you will have energy to create what you want. the longer you speak truth the more energy you will have, And the more energy you have the more impact your words will have. If you start speaking only truth for some years then you will be able to make things happen. Like if your friend comes to you and ask for help and if you are speaking truth from long time then you will have energy, So even if you say a word to your friend that your problem will be solved. Then it will be solved. The more energy you have the more impact they have.

So with this power you can even help yourself and others too. How nice is that, It is certainly nice than doing fraud with others. So the more you speak the truth the more energy you have and the more energy you have the more people you can help and the more people you help with good heart the more good karma you will have and that’s the power of Truth.

Let’s promise ourselves that we will try our best to speak truth and nothing else. Just Imagine if only half of our world population started speaking only truth what impact they will have on world. I don’t know about you but I would like to live in that world. So let’s make that happen even if not half a population but if a hand full of people also started doing it then the world would be a better place. Because it starts with only one person. Do you like to become that person. I would like to be an change maker.

There is a famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi,

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”


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