Why is it said that the person looking to progress on the spiritual path must speak the truth?

First of all why do we speak lies?…In my opinion, due to attachments. Attachment to whom?…

Attachment to our desires of being right, being acknowledged by everyone, the desire of getting praised by someone directly or trying to build a notion in their mind indirectly of how great we are, or attachments of any kind. You name it. Some are attached to the idealistic nature of society and when they fail following that, they just retain their false image by engaging in false behaviour and showing people what they are not in reality.

Sometimes we don’t want to interact with people but we don’t directly tell them this thing, rather we will cite some obscure reason which shows our attachment regarding our personality, about how will we be conceived by the other person.

And for spiritual evolution ,the foremost thing is detachment. Why? Until we are not detached, we can’t see things as whole. Until we are not detached, we are just slaves of our physical body and mental emotions. That ego will not wither away and if we have a strong ego and some ideology to follow, in our mind how can we be able to think beyond our mind, beyond our intellect.

And I think that’s why truthfulness is pre-requisite on the path of spiritual development because it help us to learn detachment.

Edit: As pointed by our lovely fellow reader @Move_Your_Spirit that “I think sometimes we don’t speak our truth out of fear. Fear that the other person may get mad and/or resentful or punish us. This was my case anyway a not so long time ago.”

But what is fear?…In another episode 😅



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