One fine morning, as usual, I was watering the plants in my balcony. My plants and I were exchanging pleasantries and wishing each other, another happy morning with all smiles. Though, it was a hot summer day and there was no mark of even the slightest of breeze, my plants were all happy, green and clean, blossoming to the fullest. A wave of bliss passed by and I felt at peace.

After a couple of minutes, I had a realization that someone is watching and trying to talk to me. Trying to tell me something. I looked around and my eyes caught a dry and parched plant with no leaves amidst tall Ashoka trees down at the boundary of my residential building.  At once, my heart sobbed to see The Tulsi plant in such condition. The same Tulsi plant whom I had given jal (water) during my Surya Sadhana. How could I be so careless and selfish and mean?

Tulsi or Holy Basil, also called as Vrinda (I read this name in the beautiful book “Devi” by “Ramesh Menon”  and it reminds me always of our dearest Sadhvi Vrinda Om ji), is our sacred plant in Hindu belief. She is the avatar of Lakshmi and thus the consort of god Vishnu.  You can read further details in the book.

We also know that it has got many health benefits, with immense power to boost our immunity and thus keeps infections at bay. It is the most revered medicinal herb on our planet, our Mother Earth.

So, coming back to my story. I immediately decided to water the plant every day from that day onwards. At least till the rains start after this summer season. I put on my mask and rushed down with two mugs of water. To my surprise and shock, I saw so many cigarettes stubs around the plant. I was so unhappy to see our most respected tulsi in such a state. Anger also rose but that was not the solution. Still I watered and decided that I will clean it myself and take care of it every day.

The very next day, I decided to put on my gloves and go down with the trash bag. But, as I was about to get ready I saw housekeeping people with big broomsticks. I requested them to clean the cigarette stubs and said I am coming down to water the plant. They happily and nicely cleared the area as well as weeds around it. I am grateful to God for sending them and helping me.

Since then, this is approximately fifteen days back; I am watering my TULSI MA daily. We share love and we have a special bond. We smile at each other. I say grace. I am thankful to almighty and our Mother Nature for giving me this opportunity to tend to our Holy plant. All glories to Him.

Let us all take a pledge to look around and be mindful towards our flora and fauna, keep our surroundings neat and clean and be thankful. We already are witnessing one pandemic, may be this is one way of our Mother Earth to tell us to be Watchful and Beware.

Sharing two pics of My Tulsi MA. Pic 1) When started watering  Pic 2) After fifteen days (Few leaves can be seen)

                                                             When started watering                                                Tulsi ma 1

Oh, one last thing. I am sharing this as my daughter insisted to write about it when she asked me what am I typing.

My daughter saw me doing this act and asked me one day while having her watermelon for breakfast that where I am upto with the bucket of water. I narrated the above story. She immediately jumped off her chair, washed the watermelon seeds and said “I will come with you and sow these seeds. One day it will bear watermelons that all can enjoy. And mumma, don’t forget to water them whenever you go to water your plant even if I forget or if am sleeping”. Her words gave me immense joy which had no bounds. I am just grateful. Thank you so much Almighty, my Swamiji.

By the way her watermelon seeds too have started sprouting……..:)


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