Before becoming the amazing poet and saint we know as Tulsidas, he was an ordinary man who had the similar weaknesses that we struggle with. But one incident in his life changed him forever.

He was married to a woman named Ratnavali. Once she had gone to her parent’s house, and one day while she was away, Tulsidas was stricken with lust for his wife’s body.

Tulsidas was unable to bare the love-pangs at night so he straight away started for his in-law’s house to meet his wife on the stormy night.

He crossed the river on a dead body and on reaching the house climbed up the house on a live snake. He entered the house and met his wife.

He embraced her out of sleep and had his way with her over her shame-filled protests that her family would hear.

Then she spat at him disgustedly and said to him, “Tulsidas, you come to me only to satisfy your lust. You crave my flesh and bones. If you had put as much emotion into worshipping Lord Rama as you have in longing for this impermanent body of mine, just think of what heights you could have reached by now.”

These statements of hers impacted him deeply and got etched in his mind. All his passion fizzled away and he replied to her saying ‘Oh is that so? Well, I will show you!”

And thus, he became Goswami Tulsidas the writer, the poet and the saint. He searched and searched and finally found Rama.

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