I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉

There is a beautiful saying… If You Want Change, Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable!!

It’s taken me sometime to write this time, as I’m getting fine tuned to know the CHANGE better. The best bit is, my challenges never ever tire or  fail to show up. They  reincarnate each time to chat or rather sing song in the most rugged tone, behaving  like  long lost buddies, tip toeing in my inner Sanctuary , without even bothering to know, that this being is still undergoing vocal and instrumental  training to heal pain. Though the spirit never wants to give up, it could  be tiring, to tame the constant ticking strings of the mind sometimes, to retain its natural  lustre of  charm and ability.

Undoubtedly for  every soul, TIME has a different meaning, different perception, be it the highs or lows, the tide of TIME does leave its lasting imprints.

I remember watching a movie when I was about 7-8 years of age , the movie was ‘Waqt’, (TIME)Would like to make a special mention of some lines of the lyrics of one of the songs in the movie,so empowering.

Waqt se din aur raat,


Waqt se kal aur aaj,


Waqt ki har shay ghulaam,


Waqt ka har shay par raaj.



It may sound strange, but the matter of fact is, the intricacies within each one of us holds all the best answers, meant. Undoubtedly, we are mere instruments in the hands of Time. Each one allowed to play their own internal  form of instrument to the best of their ability, and  discipline . Maintaining the instrument , tuning  the strings , are all part of the discipline too, so that we are able to produce happy music. Wounding the strings, or leaving them unattended/untuned,  slows our ability to reach the awakened level for what we have taken birth for . After all,  a wounded instrument is going to sing/produce only wounded tones. To master the healing tones, one has to Master it’s very own instrument. As eventually the journey is a Mastery to healing  the already wounded.

The ticking Timer , in the Divine hands of TIME  could stop unpredictably , and our marks and position given accordingly to our maintaining sanity of the tonal quality of the instrument , creating the best music that heals even if things go insane . The trip is, Living the highest truth, in contentment and awareness, acknowledging the simplest yet the most profound things life has offered, in the most royal manner, spreading musical vibes and smiles within and around.

Would like to share a small story on how we musically tune to TIME and transform by Pedro Pablo:

There was once a land in which the sound of a magic trumpet could be heard everywhere. The music ensured that there would be happiness and joy for all.

However, one day, the trumpet disappeared, and everyone in that land ended up feeling sad. No one did anything, except for a little girl who went off, determined to find the trumpet. She asked everywhere, and then someone took her to see the wise old man of the mountains. The man told her that the trumpet was in the Well of Shadows, and he gave her a violin which might turn out to be useful.

When the girl arrived at the Well, she found some musicians next to it. They were playing sad tunes, and she went over to play with them. However, on hearing such sad music, the girl realised that no one, including the trumpet, would want to come out of the well to be greeted by that kind of atmosphere. So she started to play the cheeriest, happiest music she could. She didn’t give up, and even managed to cheer up the other musicians. Together they improved the atmosphere around the well so much that the trumpet came out, more joyful than ever. And, once again, happiness returned to that land.

Thanks to this, the girl realised the value of offering joy to others, it being the best remedy for those who are sad. And from that day onwards, in that land, anyone who saw someone looking sad would send them their happiest smiles, along with a little music.

Isn’t it beautiful to know , that we all are Blessed and chosen to play, produce and spread joy with our respective musical instrument in this Universe.


Glories to the WISE SAINT “TIME”.

TIME the biggest critic, and an equal biggest healer…

TIME the ultimate creator, and a graceful destroyer…

TIME the most illumined, and yet the most undermined

The most fair answer to life would be..Just SMILE  and tune within, where the sacred musical notes are ever flowing. Sing your own song beautifully and freely  and  let TIME carry HIS WILL .


Divine SRI HARI Bless All 🙏🌺🕉


Pic courtesy: Quanta mag.



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