6 Aug 2021


Rain drenched roads

grey & green

and the siren’s wailing


A constant chatter

noises of words

and hearts so dead


A flame rises up my throat

like a burning stream

Turn down the Music

else I’ll scream!


Harsh drum kicks

a painful throbbing

and human ignorance


A dove’s dying

fluttering & crying

for a quite haven


This in the name of Music

is destruction extreme

Turn down the Music 

else I’ll scream!


Breaths like smoke

smiles so cunning

and a hidden blade


I close my eyes

fold my hands

hold on a little longer


A soul’s plea to be 

with the Lord Supreme

Turn down the Music

else I’ll scream!


This is a poem about the unfortunate reality of this world. Loud and deafening sounds that corrupts our heart’s purity.

I found myself in a similar situation, where I could feel my insides contracting, my mind going hazy and zoning out. 


I would love to know what scene and images this poem created in your mind? And could you related to the picture created in this poem?


Thanks for Reading…

Lots of love 💞


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