1. Those of you who know me personally or well enough through my articles might already know that I am a huge bibliophile, I can read to the ends of time and I enjoy reading all kinds of Fiction and non fictions. But the best thing about reading is, readers just never lose the track of life. Whenever I feel low on productivity or low in general I just pick up a book that best suits me at the time. I have been doing it since the last 16 years and never have I ever in my life experienced prolonged loneliness. Also, they are great mentors, they will hold your hand and help you sail through difficult situations. So yes, please cultivate the habit of reading. 
  2. I started my fitness journey back in 2018 when I realized that I was not only obese but also unhealthy. Since then I have never stopped working out. Fitness is not that hard, being unhealthy is harder. Prior to joining a gym I used to use playstore apps and it helped me shed 10+ kgs. If you want to just stay fit, all you need is a phone with playstore Although I love weight lifting more now. Include fitness in your lifestyle it will keep you mentally sane when things aren’t going your way. Gym is not only for your physical health, it does wonders for mental health too.
  3. Most of us start earning from our early twenties but earning money only yield results in the long run if you know how to manage your personal finances as well. Books on this topic do help to create the money mindset and they provide a basic outline on what options you can have in investing and growing your wealth but to really know if a particular option works for you, you will have to try it yourself. I used to do trading before taking a corporate job and I enjoyed it to the core. If you don’t have the time to monitor the market on an hourly basis then long term investing in blue chip stocks is always a good option.
  4. Focus on building multiple streams of income. I once read somewhere that “If your salary is your only source of income then you are just one step away from being poor” and it stuck with me, Also this is the one common characteristic of every wealthy person that they have multiple sources of making money. It will also free you from holding on to a job you don’t like or to just build a better standard of living. Your early expenses should be to build more assets and not to create liabilities. I’d consider non capital expenditures as liabilities, e.g. spending recklessly huge on shopping, parties and outings. Stick to your budget, learn to say “No” to your friends. In my college life, I never asked money from my parents for any trips because it did not feel right, to be an 19-20 years old and spend their money for luxuries. I always said no.
  5. Do not depend on anyone. Emotionally, Financially and mentally. Start your independence from a young age, build the habit of being self-sufficient. Have enough hobbies/ Passion to keep yourself busy and to keep you motivated so that you don’t have to rely on someone’s else time to make you feel valued. We put a lot of emphasis on being financially independent but none on the other forms of independence. If you are not comfortable in your own company then how can you expect that someone else will be? It will just make you expect a lot from your close ones.
  6.  I am grateful to have been blessed with the company of kindest people. Everyone who is or was close to me has been an absolute blessing. I’d like to believe in my choice because I have never regretted any choice I made in that area. So I’ say pick your friends and partner wisely. Like minded people will always help you stay focused on your goals, to be honest twenties is supposed to be the building block of your adult life, don’t waste too much time with people who are just lethargic or have a pessimistic approach to life or who are not interested in personal growth and hustle. Company of such people will not help you accomplish anything.
  7. Most of us end up giving up on our passion because we think that it won’t make us any money or we are just wasting our time. If you are really passionate about doing something and you can see yourself pursuing it as a full time career one day then don’t give up just yet. Keep making tiny efforts on the side, keep upskilling and when you feel secure enough you can then take some break from your professional career and give it a go. Trust me, giving up on your passion is a regret you don’t want to have. Taking huge risks may be a bad option but taking calculated risk is always a safer and better option.
  8. Twenties is a confusing age. Please know that you don’t have to be pushing yourself everyday. It’s okay to take time off, it’s okay to burnout and it’s okay to breakdown. Not only it’s okay but I feel it’s very healthy to have a good cry and emptying yourself from time to time. Don’t try to man up, Real men do cry. Tasting adult life is overwhelming on so many levels take your time, there are no deadlines.
  9. Try to become a spiritual person even if you are not a religious one. Spirituality is a way of life which makes us kinder and better human beings. We already have a huge population that believes in being selfish and only thinks for itself, we don’t want any more of that. Let’s focus on making this world a safer and kinder place to live  and that will only happen when our young population starts thinking that way.
  10. I have always valued my time over everything else, it’s something we never get back. Personal growth is the most important thing to achieve at this stage, everything else can wait.