There was a recognition the first time I saw Gurudev,

Something told me that this was it,

This was the ship, that would take me through,

The contract is ancient, but the persona anew,

I’m sure he  sees it, for I can too.


There are so many places from where one can view,

You can see him as one, who is the same as you,

For he laughs and gets tired at times too,

You can see him as an energy, way more refined,

For he can astral travel, meditate for days, shimmer & shine!


Two minutes seem not fair to me, we meet after so long –its a travesty!

I prepare for eternity and in a wooooosh its gone, the words are lost, until next time, forlorn.

You know it all, but I do not, I need a little more to steady my gait.


Maybe one day on the Ghats of Banaras or on the shores of Mansarover we will meet,

sitting hours at your feet, where time stands still…. learning, healing, being born anew,

Peeling layers to stare at the truth, and being still, just soaking the majesty……

Those minutes would be like a life time, and hours an eternity!Two minutes and a lifetime! 2


Until then, I would just like to put my head in your lap, exhausted,

and tell you, that I tried and I tried ….and in that trying I awake everyday,

Do I know better? I know nothing I say…except…. that I am under your Umbrella….you lead the way.



Jasmin Om Brar

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