Who will wait for me

with a smiling hope 

when I come back home

from a long day of toil?


As if just breathing

every breath- 

a prayer for my return.


To comfort me,

gently caressing my tired limbs.

After hours of 

shaking the world up

from sleep,

who’ll sing me to sleep?



Alas! He lives among the stars now.

Just like on Earth

he was a star

of one little town…

And who was his star?


His 15 year old “beta”

who when cried

he came flying 

like a cloud of rain

on a seething summer sky.

His fighter little girl,

who wanted to change the world.

Was afraid not at all

Grandpa – her trust fall. 


When in some deep sorrow

or maybe just throwing tantrums,

a child wanting her mother

all day long, 

every moment of every second.


Will someone just be?

All the time for me?

Only for me.

Exclusively me.


So that I fight wars

and come back

to rest in a love-lap.


I’ll not be alone, right?

You’ll look after me, right?


You’ll wait for me right

To come back home every night

To send me every morning 

for yet more peace,

yet another fight.


As for you and you alone,

“Two rivers flow as my Eyes”.



The title of this poem “Two rivers flow as my Eyes” is taken from the beautiful English translation (done by Bhavana Pankaj) of my song Mai Toh Hari.

Picture credits – Jayesh Sharma, a sweet photographer friend.


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