When its love be it any relationship u can’t undo it…never…

Does any one believe in this??….is it not that love is the light of life….love towards anything or everything is what drives the life…is what I think…

Do you ever think you can unlove someone you ever loved…does the heart have an undo button..? Is the GODS this creation beyond our imagination…? Is love the lords language?

Here are my thoughts in the form of a poem…


You can’t unlove someone
You ever loved!
You can’t unlove someone you loved All above!

Its not something
That fades!
Neither something
That glitters!

Its not something
With many shades!
Nor its limited
To any colour!

Its just as pure
As the fire!
Lovely & lively
As water!

Its not a party
That has to end!
Neither a trend
That tends to bend!

Its meant to be true and divine!

Its never easy but stays

till the end of time!