Ukraine, a name, not as famous as few other country’s names are among common Indians. We can’t even properly pronounce the names of cities of Ukraine. How can we even imagine their plea, their suffering, their pain!!!

I have not experienced any war like situation except a very vague memory of 1971. Few uncles in khaaki shorts used to come and tell us not to switch on any light at night time as a complete Black Out was announced. During day time once I saw many pink coloured pamphlets coming down from far above in the sky. We were happy running after them and collecting as many as possible. I was just five then. 

Since past one month Ukraine is in our newspapers as well. This made me read a bit more about Russia-Ukraine relations, reasons behind this invasion, India’s stand, MBBS student’s woes etc.

My mind wonders at the big fat ego of these big  super powers. Irony of the fact is that despite being a super power, Russia has its insecurities! Of what value is their no. one or two position if they still feel insecured!!!

I am reminded of a hindi quote here –

दरिया ने समंदर से पूछा

तुझे बड़ा क्यों नहीं बनना

दरिया बोला

बड़े बन कर खारे होने से अच्छा है

मैं छोटा ही रह मीठा बना रहूं.

International politics is going to affect our lives as well. Hard times are anticipated in our economy also. In my little capacity I pray to Lord for peace. 🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️ . Now at least Russia must regain its senses and retreat.  May the suffering community get enough strength and courage to face the painful situation.






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