Oh, Mohit! 

Please Stop like a crying baby. You always complain about your body, your look and tell us about how you are getting disadvantages because of your physical features. 

I can never agree with you. I don’t see any racism at least in India. Here people are really nice.

I hardly faced any problem because of my look. I think it’s just your thinking or your Perception or mere misunderstanding. 

Many people generally tell me this, written above and I can’t encounter them. 

I believe it’s not their fault. It’s God’s grace that they are born good-looking. They have a good financial background. They may not have felt much injustice. 

But, Until we experience rain, we can’t tell the beauty of it. 

Until we experience hot and cold, we can’t really tell how does it feel like. 

Until we experience walking in cracked shoes, we can’t really tell how much pain it causes. 

Until our stomach is full, we can’t tell how does hunger feels like. 

I’m not monk, I don’t like in an Ashram. I live in the real world and tackle hundreds of people every day. 

Many people are genuinely nice. They don’t judge on societal norms but still many do. 

I often experience when an Auto Driver uses “Tu” for me and “Aap” for other guy. 

I experience when a shop owner gave me an item in last and after make me wait for a longer time. 

I experienced when my college security guard told me “you don’t look like a student” (Once I forgot to bring college ID and told him that I’m a student here) 

I experienced when one early morning while walking on a road a person misjudged me as a sweeper and told me to do my job effectively. 

I experience when a bus conductor uses “Aap” for every other person and “Tu” for me. 

It all has happened and still happens every day. 

I’ve accepted my flaws and it’s indeed true that nothing is flawless. 

People can complain about just anything,

I just don’t and can’t deny the fact that the difference in behavior for me doesn’t exist or I just don’t notice the behavior

 or the people treat me the same way, they do for some rich and good-looking. 

It’s true too that Now the change in behavior doesn’t bother me.

I have completely accepted that I and the people are like this and we both can’t really change but denial will always be difficult for me.

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