I wrote this poem few months ago when I started accepting my fears, my weaknesses and all the mess I was hiding under the calm face, deceiving myself…But once you decide to face these fears, then they can’t scare you anymore. I hope you all might enjoy reading it…

I sat down with my nakedness today,

Messy or beautiful, difficult to say.

The voice echoed,’You must be ashamed’.

‘For what?’, I hurriedly exclaimed!

Your bareness of mind and body is shameful,

Exposed, unprotected, wildness is distasteful,

‘Yes! I m feeling ashamed’, answering to the disgusted 


Of all the years I have wasted on sheathing what my soul echoed,

My scars didn’t scare me anymore,

I have loved them to the very core,

My beauty is bewildering, my thoughts always daring,

My bareness, my boldness; My fullness always cheering,

Yes All things are exposed but to your eyes they are still closed,

Your mind is unprotected, I fear, because of some boundaries it never crossed.


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