UNALOME series is special to my heart… I have chosen the word Unalome because it describes a symbol which means the path to enlightenment which is not always a straight one and has so many trials, tribulations, missteps, lessons and sufferings. This symbol is very close to my heart, why? Will tell in the end of the series! Till then happy reading. 

Before beginning I want to acknowledge and pay my obeisance to all  loving saints on this planet. May their blessings always ponder upon us. And also I want to thank this wonderful platform with very broadminded and non judgemental people who least bother about anyone’s personal life and their beliefs or religion or any contemporary master anyone wishes to follow. Kudos! To you all. Earlier I was hesitant to share my thoughts but now I am sure that I can not find any better platform than this site. Moreover, I remembered that Guru does not mean a particular Saint or person, but it means someone who can destroy your darkness and brighten your life with the divine light. So I respect all saints equally because I think they are  sharing the same vast ocean of knowledge, love and eternal peace in disguise of different physical bodies and different ways of teaching. But even if I hurt someone’s sentiments or contribute to a negative thought arising out of your mind, then my humble apologies to you🙏

Ok! let’s start. Before I was born, my parents had to face a lot of stress from my paternal grandparents as they wanted a grandson and not a second granddaughter, first being my elder sister. Thus, there were a lot of separations and patch ups my parents had to face. Ultimately my mother left my paternal house and came to nani house, which was filled with love, positivity and happy vibes. I was born at my nani house only and just before a week I was about to be born, my masi, used to listen to a lady Saint also her former master, whose  discourses were  telecasted on Sony TV in those days. I have already mentioned this lengthy story of how was I named in my article: https://os.me/short-stories/whats-in-a-name-2/?bbl_published=1

So I was named Meera because she was giving discourse on Saint Meerabai in the week I was born, so I think or you can say it is my strong feelings that I was named by that lady Saint.

Moreover,  what verifies my strong connection to this divine journey is the struggle of my parents, their separation, my coming to my nani house and finding a masi already waiting like an angel to become a channel for me, helping me to set the foot in this beautiful but difficult spiritual journey which is ofcourse not a new one but ancient thirst passed on from one birth to another in search of the ocean. I always think what if my parents never had to suffer? What if my grandparents accepted me? what if I never came to my nani’s house? If not all that had happened,  I would have not found my path or I can better say it was all a planning from the unknown. This is not just my story but the story of all of us, where incidents are not just happening out of life randomly but has strong reasons which we all discover later in the stories of our lives. Hope you all enjoyed, until next part…Lots of love and laughter🤗🧚‍♀️🌻❤

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