With my happy starter journey at nani house, I was enjoying a lot. As said earlier I was one of the most pampered kids in the whole family. My birthdays were celebrated with great zeal. I still remember my fourth birthday. Just a day or two before my birthday I was sitting in a corner of the drawing room with a sad face when my younger masi, ( whose nickname was sonu but I called her Nonu mamma as I considered her as my mother) who was the sweetest person in the family,  came to me and asked what happened to her darling daughter? To which I remember I answered with a sulky face that I have not yet got any dress for my birthday which is just a day ahead! She drove Kinetic ( like activa) in those days, asked me to wear my slippers and come to the gate. She started her kinetic and drove me to the best shop in the nearby market to buy me my birthday dress.

 In my four old head which had built its own dream fairytale world,  I imagined my birthday not with a cake or presents or friends but as a rainy monsoon July day with leaves flying into the house due to the cool breeze, striking my face. While I would be sitting on a swing with a princess dress and open hair playing with the wind. And what about the background scene? Yes, I imagined that as well vividly. There must be music playing, which was always some spiritual bhajans as at my nani house I was exposed mostly to this genre only. And I think I should also share the album my little heart loved, although I didn’t know what the artist was singing or what it meant at that time but I loved the ‘ Sur ke ghungroo’ (Click here to listen  )song from the Kanha album by Preeti Uttam, which is still my favorite song. But the only difference is that at that time I sang the wrong lyrics in my babbling voice with full confidence and now I atleast can sing it clearly with correct lyrics. So when Nonu mamma asked me what kind of dress you are looking for, without any second thought I said the one like princesses. I bought the dress and came home with a big broad smile. It was not the end of my birthday shopping,  Nonu mumma who loved me immensely,  bought hair clips, sandals, a bracelet, sparkling star glitter nail paint for me. And as the both clock hands struck twelve, everyone sang Happy Birthday song to me and woke up till late midnight, because I guess my family always chased after the excuses to chatter at any hour of the day, they would find time. 

I think it is enough boasting for today that how pampered I was as a kid, I think now I should press the accelerator of my story and here it goes…

It was 2005, one autumn evening when my mother was folding my Kindergarten uniform for wearing it the next morning. I told her that I was not feeling well in my stomach, she immediately left whatever she was doing and fed me with all citrus substances that were available at the house, being a very common home remedy for curing digestive issues. But nothing worked and I vomited all out. To this the family became little concerned but everyone thought it was normal as the weather transition was taking place. All that was seeming normal, took an unexpected turn when I vomited two or three times more within the next hour. 

What happened next is a long story which I will follow-up in the next part…till then lots of love and laughter .

P.s. Although I can imagine some gloom ridden faces of the readers already, but that’s how the stories of our lives are woven. I want to say that my story is going to face even more misery as it moves forward,  so If you think the next coming parts can make you feel sad or disturbs the peace of your mind, kindly skip reading but I assure you that the coming parts can bring someone’s lost faith and hope in the power of divine back, so you may choose accordingly. 

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