There is so much in life that is beyond our comprehension.the way things are in a particular situation Not necessarily as it appears.We do not look at the possible of situations with our limited thinking and biased attitude.Somewhere our mistakes rest on our experience and choices.Then the mind in trouble sees a small problem as a big one.When the spirit starts to weaken, then there is no need for any superstition, but it is necessary to keep your faith strong.

When we look at Shristi from a broader perspective.Then we see the purpose of our being Trusting in the same great purpose increases our ability to bear suffering.

  • Reduce your needs:- If the needs are less, then tomorrow’s rate is low.And it is easy to be friends with uncertainties,The less our needs are, the easier we are able to get out of our safe homes.Remembering the past pleasures keeps us stuck in times of sorrow.Worrying about our facilities fuels our uneasiness. Keeping the hopes alive even in difficult situations, moving ahead by joining everyone together by not giving cost to others .