Jai Gurudev,

I think we as a human race find great joy holding on and sticking to our opinions and perspectives.
Everything that happens in the world we try to look at it with the lense of these personal perspectives.

If what we see through this lense fits well within the realm of what we think is right we are comfortable with it..
If that is not the case, then usually one of these two things end up happening,
a) we either try to push everything under the rug, and turn a blind eye towards it.

b) there is a surge of negative emotions, particularly anger and hate towards the fact/ person/ movement we are not comfortable with.
And this is truly unfortunate, as we are sacrificing a huge opportunity to grow and evolve.

I feel this happens because we are not at all comfortable putting aside our ego, to make space for understanding the other person.
We naturally see our opinions and perspectives as extensions of ourselves and any attack on them is faultly interpreted as an attack on us.

While it is true that happiness can exist only when there is peace of mind, and looking at the other person’s perspective is some times a painful process…
I would argue that the personal growth that happens when we become more accommodating and understanding is truly worth the short period of mental discomfort.

The more we try to understand -> lower is the amount of conflict we have we have with others -> greater peace of mind for more periods of time -> more is the sense of happiness.

In no way do I mean to say that we should not stick to our principles when we try doing the above, but I guess it only comes with practice the wisdom of when to be more understanding versus when to stick to our personal principles.

If this post feels like a mish mash of my gurus ideals and posts, then you are 100% right.😊

I am just happy that I am able to comprehend To a small degree the ocean of knowledge and love that my Guru is an embodiment of.

Jai Shri Hari

Edit – I am truly sorry for all the grammatical mistakes in this post. I was just too excited about penning something down and published it without perfecting it. Thanks to my mom for pointing out some mistakes I made. Will surely do better next time around

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