To understand others’ pain or hard work, we should do it. And I understand how it feels to work hard.

It happened that our family went to our maternal village for a function. We sent it about three days later to continue with the function.It was an emergency, so my dad and mother went to my paternal village. I and my little brother had to stay in the village with my maternal grandparents.

I used to think that taking care of myself was easy. Why do we even need to care? We know what to do, but when I was in the village, I got all the answers.

I had a lot of responsibility to take care of my brother. Should I take care of his health, his TV time, his eye exercises, his flute practicing, and eat food properly or not? I understand we need to take care of others and ourselves too. Then I realised how important my parents’ takecaring is.

I learnt to repect others work. And don’t critisize them.

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