When i was 8 yr old i started pooja of Gods and goddess because my mother is a very religious she used to fast 3-4 days in a week so she put me also in gods devotion .

I used to stay upset with my parents fights in home.so i started praying to shiva ji for peace in home ,  besides that pray i used to pray for vidya to maa saraswati and asking for better marks in 10th standard and pray to maa druga for my succession in sports field .

All these my prayers never worked for me even i got negative results
Fights among my parents increased by time . I got very less mark from my aim .
After completing 12th with non – medical i took admission in DU in Bsc. Course but i dropped it after 6 month because i didn’t want to read PCM again it didn’t excites me at all  So i  wasted my 1 year with doing nothing but chilling with my friends  and my girlfriend  .
Next year came and  I wanted to get admission in electronics honour that too from  delhi University and  i was even eligible to take admission in first cut off so i went to sri aurobindo college for admission submitted my all documents but they asked me to give some proof of gap year so i told to them i will bring it tomorrow and they agreed . Coming out of the college i prayed to god “get it done fast for me please” .
Next day i went to college with the remaining document and they said that all sits are full we can’t give you admission i scolded on them how could you do this they said go to principal office if you have any problem i went to principals office with anger and entered without even knocking the principle didn’t give me a single answer and called security and the guards dragged me out of the college. All others college had very high cutoff for  Electronics (h).
I applied for IAF three times with prayed to my Maa ( ki mera IAF me ho jaye to muje aage padhna nahi padega ) but i never got  a call letter even for exam . Same thing happened with me for Merchant Navy .

My Prayers were never heard
because all that was not prayer but greed seeking short cuts for pleasure in life . later after realisation i thank god not to accept my any prayer becoz if he would i could never understand the life and how god works in mysterious way.

“Giving thanks” for this life is the only prayer you can do to God .

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