Hara Hara Mahadeva 🙏, 

“A beautiful relationship with Maa Jagadamba and Pitha Mahadeva is making everything around me more and more devine”

When a person is having relationship with paramaatma, it’s like whole universe is connected to that person, he can sense the love of paramaatma everywhere. 

Sometimes people sense some strange feeling towards unknown people, unknown places, unknown objects, etc. But consciously, they don’t know why it happens like that to them. Mostly, they won’t get answers unless they are sincerely in search of them. Universe will definitely help them if their devotion is true towards their questions. It will be amazing after knowing all the answers! It’s like solving a typical puzzle after struggling alot. Awesome! 

The “trigger point” either it may be time or place or situation or any musical note etc, reminds them that they experienced the exact situation already. How could they sense like that!? Isn’t it mysterious? 

Let’s share beautiful memories on this mistery together, in the coming time. 

Sarvam Paramaatma Arpanam 🙏